Winter food-bank -Sacred Heart Community Response

Being able to help friends and family is important.
Just as important is knowing that it’s also okay to ask for help.
A mini food-bank (of basic nonperishable goods) will be open on the second and last Saturday of every month.
Starting on Saturday 30th January
in the parish courtyard. From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
No questions will be asked and only

If you are uncomfortable about receiving this help, pledge a donation to the Parish for a later date when you are back on your feet. A small
monetary donation or your time would be gratefully received, although not necessary. The Parish wants and can help you this winter.

This pandemic has left many of us financially vulnerable and those who are not used to asking for help are going without – whether that is food or heat. At the Sacred Heart we are all part of the Lord’s family and we should be able to help each other when needed. We’re here to help you.