Westminster Cathedral Welcomes Little Amal

Little Amal, a 3.5m puppet of a refugee girl, is walking from the border of Turkey/Syria to Manchester, 8000km, in search of her mother. On her journey she will visit Westminster Cathedral on Monday, 25 October at 2:00 pm, where she will be welcomed by Cardinal Vincent.

You are invited to join Cardinal Vincent for this Welcome Liturgy and to learn more about migrants and refugees. It is during half term week, an opportunity for families to come together. Please be seated by 1.45 pm.


Little Amal, 9 years old, has been walking from the border of Syria, across Turkey and through major European cities, to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, particularly unaccompanied child refugees. Her ‘story’ is that she is a Syrian refugee child walking in search of her mother and a new home where she can begin a new life and continue her schooling. Last month she visited the Vatican and was greeted by Pope Francis.

Amal arrives at Folkstone on 19 October, to London and the Cathedral on 25 October before ending her journey in Manchester on 3 November. Over the years many from overseas, including migrants and refugees, have come to our Cathedral to worship. It is fitting that Amal, representing everyone who have had to leave their homeland should be welcomed there, a sign that we have ‘A Heart open to the World’ Fratelli Tutti.

Further information about Little Amal’s journey is available at https://www.walkwithamal.org/