Parish Membership

We welcome everyone moving into our parish.

Please register as soon as possible. The registration form can be obtained from the parish office or downloaded here (PDF). Registration alone does not constitute being a member of our community. This registration is the entrance and key to both the benefits and responsibilities of being a Catholic at Sacred Heart Church, Holloway.

Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church Holloway are expected to support their community. Support of the Parish means being a STEWARD of the parish and includes involvement, sharing by plan giving (tithing) and Gift Aid. For more information, see our Support page.

To be eligible for admission to our Catechetical Programmes, reception of the Sacraments, an individual must be a registered participating member of this parish, known to the priest, attending the sacraments and supporting the ministries of the church.

You are a parishioner of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holloway if you are:

  • a baptised Catholic who lives within the geographical boundaries designated by the Archdiocese or anyone who chooses to register officially with the parish is a member of the community.
  • known as a member and keep up communications with the parish. For this it is necessary to register at the parish office. 

Membership in a parish community allows you to celebrate sacraments for yourself and your family in our community. It facilitates our ability to invite you to a participation in the activities of the parish.

Families with children benefit from official membership in terms of attendance in our Parish School and Catechetical Programmes.