Guidelines to attend Mass from 4th July

Masses will be at usual times from 4th July:

Saturday 6:00 p.m.

Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Weekdays : 9:15 a.m  (except Tuesdays)

There are a few key points take into consideration before and when attending Mass:

*  If you are you are considered to be at high risk, we encourage you to carrying on attending Mass via ZOOM

*   Number of people admitted into the church is limited to 60 people.

*   It will be first come first served system.

*   We recommend to be at least 15 minutes before Mass starts.

*   You must keep social distancing at all times, on entry, at Communion time and at the end of Mass.

*   You must wear face covering at all times.

*   There will be one entrance and one exit. Please follow the ushers instructions at all times.

*   One of our ushers will allocate a seat where you can seat, it is very likely that  it will not be at your usual place. Be kind to our volunteers and follow the instructions.

* Communion will under one kind only and on the hand.

*   Unfortunately, toilets are still unavailable.

*   Weekdays Masses are less crowded, consider this option as well

Again, we are not back to normal, but certainly it is a step on the right direction.

Fr. Gideon has promised that Mass will be short and sweet!